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Top Shelf: Connect 401 by Cannadescent

In the Top Shelf series, we take a scientific look at the best strains in the business. Watch as we explore Connect 4 by Canndescent, and find out more about how it’s grown, its cannabinoid and terpene profile, and more.


  • yooo this is the future for every bud thats out today on a app menu make this happen weedmaps

  • Bout to unsubscribe until Gil is back. He had great reviews with a good vibe, this shit sucks?

  • Nice vidéo ????

  • Is that dude Gil still alive??

  • Love this rating method. The terp count is pretty cool. Been into terps big time since saw Horatio explaining how things work. Happy 4/20 y'all!

  • Happy 420

  • Damn 1.3% CBGa rare to find any CBG , and 32% is possible but unlikely 33.94% (34%) is the record

  • 32% is a bit hard to believe but there no reason to fudge the numbers. Would love a cut of this

  • Berners strains from the Cookie shops, such as Sunset Sherbert would be interesting to see up close

  • Where is that stoner Gil at???