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[] – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!

This is a new smoker subscription box that can be catered to either paper or glass smokers! They set out to not fill their box with “filler” material, but things that you’ll actually use! You won’t have to make a trip to either the gas station or head shop when all the smoking accessories are delivered to your door!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Biggest problem with electric lighters is the slight extra contact required makes them begin to smell like a used pipe

  • Thanks for the uplifting words :)

  • The dj khaled clip killed me

  • I'm so sad! I got mine on the 16th and about 6hours after christening it the flower bowl had rolled off my table onto the concrete garage floor.. I was devastated… at least a I still have a decent rig ?

  • why didnt you try the new banger with the new carb cap for the new piece instead of the electro banger

  • why is josh the only weedtuber that consistently uploads quality content just about every day

  • straincentral smoking game:

    Take a hit every time Josh

    -says "toDAY"
    -can't put out the hempwick by shaking it
    -has to cough
    -says "guys"
    -uses air quotes

  • hi Josh,great video again my friend. I do.wish that you would do more strain reviews on this channel. Thanks dude

  • My favorite video of you EVER!!!! Lol

  • How much is all the filler trash is it worth it?

  • your audio sounds a bit lower this video?


  • At 1:27 part of his dab dropped :(

  • do a joint vid

  • Totally lost a piece of that first dab on the way to the rig

  • watching all of your videos make me so happy and i fined them really useful

  • hi! I need some advice – I am a junior in high school and occasionally I smoke. on halloween my friends and I hotboxed and got super stoned, obviously. after awhile I was fine and I thought nothing of it, I just had a fun night. the next day in first period all of the sudden I felt a super bad body high. I could barely concentrate. after like 30 mins it went away and I was like what the fuck. throughout the day it came and gone. by night time I still had a body high. so, pretty much since tuesday I have had an intense body high and it has really started to freak me out because it has never happened to me and I honestly don't know why it ishappening. we smoked blue dream and it wasn't my first time smoking that strain. did I just smoke too much?? please help omg

  • I can't be without a smile in my face, but its fucked up that everyone are always with shitty attitude and being shitty people

  • Josh…❤
    Your A Mad Scientist ??
    Nothing But L❤ve 4 Ya ?

  • WARNING: Those coil lighters are shit and break really fast if used in normal situations. Save your cash and buy a good refillable lighter and some hemp-wick.