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This is a smoker subscription box that can be catered to either paper or glass smokers! They set out to not fill their box with “filler” material, but things that you’ll actually use! You won’t have to make a trip to either the gas station or head shop when all the smoking accessories are delivered to your door!!

Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!

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→ 420 Science: ( ) – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
→ ThickAssGlass: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
→ Megatoke: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!
→ Vivant Vaporizers: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off your order!
→Tokerpack: ( – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!

MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • 3:38 RIP

  • I will very gratefully take that Gandolf piece off of your hands Josh! Big fan, been looking for a similar piece and I would appreciate it more than you might imagine.

    Keep up the great vids man (:

  • Arent those see through papers really bad for your health?

  • look at those squinty eyes straight from the beggining

  • Rolled a 20 on the first reflex save.

  • Anyone else see josh drool into the bong?

  • I know you will try that wrap but you should also test that "grass blunt"

  • voice crack pt2 "cheers friends". love the content bro.

  • Can I please have the GRAV Sherlock pipe?

  • @straincentral I had that exact same cheech bumble bee rig and i broke it after 2 days of owning it! seeing yours is making me cry ?

  • Josh get a puffco plus!

  • Josh how did you know that I have a pot leaf on my bong??

  • In last few vids, Josh is getting really really high hahaha For my weed family, there is amazing giveaway for bongs. It's supported by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. You can find it also, just google for "gwbng420" and you will find it. Peace 😀


  • Cloud v phantom premium is only 3 clicks to turn on

  • I've been using raw hemp wick since I started using hemp wick a few months ago, and it's never burned me or dripped wax once, I think it might just be because of how long you leave your hemp wick burning for Josh

  • Canabinoids are flooding my insides.

  • My advice for rolling with the plant cellulite papers is roll it just with a roach in it then stuff your herb into it like a raw pre roll

  • Follow project_herb on Insta for an awesome new weed page! #projectherb

  • Hey man just realised youtube unsubbed me? wtf?
    Btw loving the daily uploads can you do a review on purple haze?