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TOKERPACK UNBOXING!! (December 2016)


[] – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off!

This is a new smoker subscription box that can be catered to either paper or glass smokers! They set out to not fill their box with “filler” material, but things that you’ll actually use! You won’t have to make a trip to either the gas station or head shop when all the smoking accessories are delivered to your door!!

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→ 420 Science: ( ) – Use code “StrainCentral” for 10% off all orders!
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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • flower power

  • i live in houston texas and i smoke out of glass all day long bongs all day long. i have some sour amnesia im smoking on also got some skywalker og wax

  • I live in Missouri and we get flower 99% of the time. We don't get oil much and rely on blunts

  • "I got five fingers of action here" lmaoooo

  • fav video in a while. still laughing

  • illegal state heady rigs preference is wax with flower it has to be top shelf

  • Ehle Strait Tube
    weed ?

  • I usually smoke out of a bowl and have never dabbed. I am cheifin on some cherry og

  • I live in Chicago, my daily driver I would be my TAG 16 inch double honeycomb that I saw on your show and am just in love with how baked it gets me. I wish I knew the name of the strain but alas I'm just smoking on weed lol

  • I smoke out of an aluminium foil pipe and the weed is grown in some blokes backyard in Mullumbimby

  • bong, flower and today is willys wonder

  • I'm in an illegal state my daily driver is a tag bong I like oil and weed but I smoke more weed because good oil is hard to come by and I'm smoking on weed

  • joints, pipes, and bongs, flower, & smoking some reggie

  • Yes! Team Valor!

  • i live in illinois, a non rec state. i get weed off the street, so usually its just kind of generic weed. one time i actually got grape ape, and i knew it was grape ape because it smelled like grape. and i made a water bong made out of a Gatorade bottle because water bottles are less durable

  • woods, weed, aus ;)

  • Usually use just a normal spoon pipe with flower topped with oil. Love my white zombie flower though

  • Jilly Bean!!!!!!

  • I smoke in an illegal state, I smoke out of pipes and bongs. I love flower but smoke dabs sometimes before school. Rn I have sour diesel but my favorite strain is berry white.

  • I always roll as up flower smoking on some fruit loops over in the uk