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How to remove a titanium nail that is stuck inside a piece!! Just thought i’d pass on this bit of knowledge that I picked up a while back, Seen waaaay too many joints broken by people just pulling on their stuck nails.. This is a method from Taskrok himself! Hope it’s helpful!


  • youre great bro. it worked for me

  • I happened to do this too, yet it broke anyways.. This is my thought, would like your feedback.. I left the enail on for several days, and the glass attached to the HE nail..? Or was I just not gentle enough and should have maybe heated it up more..?

  • All you need to do is blast the bottom part of the nail where it's actually stuck with your torch for like 2-3 seconds and just pull from the top when it's not hot. No need to heat it up like you're gonna take a dab.

  • Use parchment paper rip a amount of a gum wrap size fold in half hot dog style then wrap it around ur joint make sure ur wrap the tip of ur joint slide domeless ti nail on top good thing bout this method u can wait for ur nail to cool down and pull it off i promise u it will slide off with as little pressure needed and no heat on ur joint required

  • and I loved the farwell dab. Thanks for the great tip!

  • I have a domeless titanium nail and this method worked perfectly. The only difference I find in the removal of the domeless nail is that you need to get it extremely hot, bright red. That was my experience

  • Just heat the metal at the joint but don't touch the flame against the metal, just hover away for 5 secs and it should come off, if not try again. Saves the use for pliers.

  • Thank you man

  • ran outta butane and wanted to get my ti nail off but had no torch lmao so guys just wanted to tell you that you can also take two lighters to the middle of your nail for about 25-35 seconds and it will come right off… cheers(one lighter would probably work also lol)

  • Just broke my rig :(

  • You just need to heat it up for a couple seconds

  • hahaha this worked great.  Now I can try other nails.  PROPS.

  • Still stuck? Add a bit (1/4 a grain of rice) of wax to the joint. Boom, done.

  • Worked perfectly.

  • Worked like a charm, you probably saved my batesXworm recycler

  • So yeah
    I've tried that on several occasions and that shit is on there pretty good
    Any suggestions for some real hardcore stuck cases?

  • i like the quartz nail any way .if i was dabbing i think .i cant really say cuz i have never dab ,but seeing all ya have to do with the metal ones i would use the glass i say

  • Good vid bro

  • Throw it away and buy a poetry in metal domeless nail and it won't get stuck in the first place lol

  • thanks for the vid and hope you stay safe and stay medicated