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“The White” – (Strain Review)


This batch of “The White” was grown by Solstice. The White is a mystery OG cut, it is rumored to be a cut of the strain “Triangle”.

It provides you with an Indica dominant Hybrid high that would be great for those suffering from Pain, Stress, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, and especially G.I. Problems.

Overall i’m going to give this one a [6.75/7]


  • i can't find anywhere online or in person that sells any clones or seeds of the White….because if i can get my hands on some seeds i would definitely breed some plants just for extra seeds to be stored up and…

    Then i would go and plant some extra seeds all over the place in the wilds… instead of broom bushes and garden weeds everywhere we could have The White Weeds everywhere also hehehe :)

  • did u say smoke a pill? don't

  • Thank you for a true strain review, not sit back and watch me get stoned review. I vibe very well with that strain as well and recently added XJ-13 to the daytime mix thats very nice too.

  • Love your videos bro.

  • nice review bro, makes me wanna send you some of CowboysBuds!! IG it

  • Good review man, I liked the music

  • Damn that was milky af. Looks like a great strain love you channel 

  • Love your videos (: you give good vibes! Like the instrumental music(; I feel like you love doing YouTube (: keep doing what your doing! you make me happy bro! and im sure you mal others smile

  • There's a strain similar to this that I enjoy, it's called White Erckle and it's awesome. It looks whiter that that like frosted hairyish 

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  • one day we gun smoke man luv ur videossss

  • Are you in WA? 

  • This is your best review yet. 

  • Damn! This dude looks like fuckin wolverine!

  • D. Limonene? Gives off a really strong orangey taste :3

  • Have you tried blue moon rocks? Is was my first strain its not the best but its preety decent

  • Love the positive energy in the videos brother! I'm watching from the east coast smoking on some blue dream, cheers! 

  • What is the name of the instrumental you use for your vids. Something I'd smoke and listen to

  • fire.

  • Dude!! Thank you so much for the great information!!! loving how you have thc levels and that you explained the terps!! This video is dope as always!! Much love.

    ~The Fozz and J