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When I stopped through my P.O. box this afternoon, there was a giant box of bongs in it! So I figured i’d just sit down and sesh out of them for a video 😛 I haven’t seen any of these crazy frozen bongs yet, so they’ve been fun to play with! Thanks Cheech!!

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  • mmm roasted glycerin,

  • nice pieces, not sure which I like more.. cheers

  • I use plastic ice cubes in my bong. Much cheaper and no water level issues.

  • I wanted a close up of the pipe cheers!!

  • "scientific testing" thats a new excuse to smoke

  • Nice vid! Been waitin to watch this

  • I want that bong!!
    With the inception perks

  • Started the video remembering a purple glycerin pipe a friend had the unfortunately ended up getting dropped, then you pulled out the pipe. Too good haha

  • WATER PIPE!! Man i woulda been cussed out and kicked out of the smoke shop lol

  • I absolutely love the black and yellow piece. I would love to know a style number or something, tried to find it online but can't….I want one for myself, or similar even. The sound of that pull test made me super jealous.

  • Good to see you here !

  • Is pouring bong water into a la Croix can a philosophicall statement

  • Bro, the intro is straight fire. That beat goes hard af low key. STAY LIFTED 🙂

  • hey guys i was wondering if anyone could help me out: i recently got back into smoking and I'm trying to figure out what type of strains could benefit me in my situation- i deal with mild anxiety and (thankfully its gotten better) mild depression- but I'm also a musician and due to recent injuries when playing guitar or waking up or literally existing my body aches like no ones business haha and its been that way for the past year, but really i would appreciate anyone that could help me out.

  • Also, do you think you could review KanaVape? I bought it and am quite interested on what you think.

  • T break suggestions I can't stop smoking been smoking 4 years straight everyday bro

  • Hey josh where can I find the glycerin filled bong at ?

  • play at X1.25 its great

  • Josh, I am so very glad you are visiting Los Angeles. I live in beautiful, sunny, Santa Barbara. I would love to have you visit our fair city. Also, I know this awesome guy Anthony and he owns a mind blowing glass shop, Fuzion which featuring local talent. Santa Barbara has incredible cannabis, because it is grown right here. I have an extra room you could stay in. Let me know. Jennifer

  • Meh I have not bothered to cool my smoke in a long ass time