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The Stacker Grow Box by Universal Hydro – News Oct 24, 2012 – Visit Universal Hydro’s Southern California showroom or order online today for discrete delivery straight to your door!

Universal Hydro

Universal Hydro provides the novice grower everything they need to achieve maximum yields the FIRST time!
Universal Hydro, creators of The Yielder and the Earth Cab line of automated grow boxes, now brings you The Stacker, dual chambered grow boxes designed to make perpetual growing easy.
The Stacker is two grow boxes in one. Grow your seedlings and flowers simultaneously for a perpetual harvest every thirty days, or fill both chambers with flowers, it’s completely up to you.
Featuring DuraMax LED grow lights, you’ll achieve double the yield with half the electricity, providing the full spectrum of light you need to veg or flower your plants in either chamber.
The Stacker is the most technologically advanced automated grow box on the market today. Created by growers, for growers, it provides the ideal environment while minimizing heat, electricity, odor, and sound. Boasting the highest yield to watt ratio available on the market today.
Order online today at and get growing
The Stacker includes everything you need to double your yield in no time and is available in hydro or soil.
Call 888-54-HYDRO and discover the solution that is right for you.
Any size, any style, any budget. Universal Hydro. Providing the novice grower everything they need to achieve maximum yields the FIRST time!

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  • if you knew that a growbox made in your country was the best in the world you would recommend it as well and sorry for expressing my opinion this box is garbage and anyone who buys it is wasting their money. Ignorant Americans like you need to stop looking for places to soil yourself on the internet if you want a good growbox check out bcnorthern lights and no I'm not whoring out a company. Oh and for your information I live in Colorado asshole I was born and raised in Canada. Go have a bong rip

  • just plant outside or in a greenhouse

  • 90 day guarantee on the Duramax LED's

  • they have a 90 day guarantee so you can see the results before you make the final decision

  • I have two yielders xl and xl pro just put a duramax l.e.d in and took out the hps works the same jus less problems and save half the money on light bill worth the money all the way don't belive everything you hear and only half of what you see do for self.peace

  • i didnt get a word he said…

  • I see some of the other comments and i own one of the other boxes: yielder pro xl, it one of the best decisions i've ever made , and now i am going to get a stacker as well!!

  • Lights alone cost more than 200

  • bullshit

  • how so?

  • I'm like holy crap this thing is over $200 and then I go on their website and I see $3-4000 & I'm just like o_o

  • show me!!!!!!

  • No heat problems: Another happy result of having no filament is that LEDs are much more efficient than other light sources. In a traditional HID up to 95% of energy is wasted as heat radiation, whereas LEDs run relatively cool. With LEDs it is possible to place the light source very close to the plants, usually around 12-18 inches, helping prevent ‘stretch’ and directing the light exactly where it’s needed. The heat in a traditional grow room waste time, space and energy trying to keep it cool

  • LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Light is produced by passing a current through a semi-conductor. There is no filament to burn out and this means that, compared to other light sources, LEDs have an extremely long lifetime with many on the market being rated for 50,000 to 60,000 hours. Compare that to the average HPS grow light bulb lifespan of around 2,400 hours and you can see why LEDs are a better bet long term.

  • Fluorescent or metal halide lighting is best for clones and seedlings. Metal halides are recommended for vegetative growth due to their enhanced blue spectrum which encourages bushier, more compact growth. High pressure sodium lights are better suited for flowering, but either can be used for the entire cycle with favorable results.

  • After reading some of these "comments" which seem more like pissed off competitors. I have to say that I have a couple of buddies that have these LED lights… and their flower kicked my ass. Not sure if all LED's are created equal? But from what I've tasted, I'd say that these lights can absolutely grow some Chronic.

  • LED lamps do not work for growing marijuana
    Plz, believe me it is waste of money

  • GPS track yo ass I'M GOOD

  • Lol these guys deleted my comment. Sooo000oooo00 lame!

  • I can make a better one with 20 bucks