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“The Sauce” – (Strain Review)


“The Sauce” is an Exotic Genetix cross between (Gorilla Glue #4 x Green Ribbon) that will provide you with an extremely euphoric, racy, and creative head high to start, that slowly transitions into relaxing couch locking effects.

Great for Depression, Stress, Headaches, and Anxiety. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.9/7]

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  • got some nice trichromes on it

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  • just got 2 clones from the weed shop.  hope comes out as nice as urs

  • You get dope for headaches, fatigue, stress and stuff? Damn
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  • Don't you like joints or why do you always use bongs?

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  • I thought it was called gorilla glue because it was so sticky when trimming it, it would "glue" up the trimmers ….

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  • I smoked the sauce with my buddy a few days ago, thank god I live in a legal state.