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The Road to the 710 Cup – Denver High Times 2013 – News July 1st, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!


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  • well; every motherfucker with an opinion out there; put your money where your mouth is and do better; offer a better deal or better product! if the product sucks the company will flop…makes sense if you think about it for five minutes. I dont see anyone offering the same quality at a cheaper price; I choose Dab Essentials from half way around the world; kinda speaks for its self. I have yet to find fault with them.

  • 710 video??? C'mon Gil I saw you in the background of some shitty video covering the event. I know your blazed man but switch to a sativa for a minute and post the video please! Your fans are counting on you and you gotta give these haters something new to talk shit about

  • And fuck you 2. You couldnt make oil if someone handed you a blaster and a bottle of butane. Fuckin ilidiots! Dont like the movement then dont fuckin watch it!!!!!!!!

  • Keep hatin man you only make people stronger. And from the perspective in which you view things, everyone can tell ur jealous. Get a life grow some dank and become somebody before you act like somebody whos no body. All you haters make the wise that much stronger. FUCK U

  • fake ass, greedy people in this video

  • This does nothing positive medical marijuana. hahaha

  • For a second I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Dunn from Viva La Bam, then i just got real sad…

  • Yo, when's the 710 cup video coming out? I'm keen to watch that ish!

  • this guy 6:39 looks so high he can kiss the sky

  • Lmao, how original, u must be gay as farmer johns ill is hot!

  • u guys are assholes chill the fuck out were all stoners…why are you hating on them you guys seem kinda jealous too me

  • never seen a bigger collection of pretentious fuckwads in my life!

  • All these guys r fagots all they care about is a profit fuck denver oh yeah fuck tom too. norcal 707

  • Whats the song name at 2:00 – 2:07? it sounds cool as fuck

  • tom johna, your acting like a fucking child. Fuck DabEssentials and Big E.

  • I grabbed a few pins from the dude at 6:08 during this past electric forest!!!

  • lol. they're all so high, you can see it in their eyes. I'm lucky you usually can't notice it in my eyes.

  • that remix of put it on by big l sucks