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The Real Cannabis Culture

We delve into the cannabis community at The Emerald Cup. Experience this humanizing event and learn about the different viewpoints of its diverse attendees.

Big thank you to George Jung, Collie Buddz, Dr. Bonni Goldstein, Joshua Sarvis, Josh Wurzel, Beats Antique, Brttny Charity Valdes and Brian Crawford for sharing your viewpoints with us in this documentary.


“Life Goes on” by Soupandreas…
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“Wake and Bake” by Collie Buddz…
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“We Are The Hearts” by EXGF…

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  • 3:36 song name PLEASE

  • Thank you.

  • There are links to schizophrenia/psychosis. (If your genetically predisposed). For me the plant contributes to psychosis if smoked. For others this may not be the case. But like all medicine you should be screened for allergic reactions. I want to try to juice the plant or try a another form other than smoking because you don't get the same "Head" high. This way you can enjoy the endocrine benefits without losing your mind.

  • A dude in New Jersey got sentenced to 8 years for 17 plants. He literally had a garden and will be in prison for 8 years. A Kansas veteran got his kids taken away for trying to move to Colorado for his medicine. Because apparently in America its better for kids to be in social services than to have a parent who uses herbal medicine. When will we stop the nonsense.

  • Great Doc, awesome interviews, more of this and legalizing plants won't be an issue in the US!

  • Beautiful footage! Seriously. Stunning.

  • All kinds of goodness! #makethemovementmove :)

  • looks like a baked potato like myself would dig this

  • WHAT NO WAY, George Jung, talk about Cannabis royalty, glad he got out of jail and was finally able to see marijuana legal in his life time. weed maps should hire him, anyone know if he's on probation or free from his probation officers so he can smoke.

  • Shot beautifully, had goosebumps while watching, the times are changing!!

  • Loved this video!! Keep on killing it Weedmaps!!

  • Collie Buddz was amazing, great interview btw.

  • Dr Bonni mouth look wet bet she give bomb top roll a nice joint an can bake some great homemade cookies??

  • High Times is overrated and shitty when problems happened they try to sweep it under the rug like nothing happens not professional at all

  • Dope Video! I want to see more of this style from the cannabis community… people gotta knowby now that we are dealing with a harmless plant… it's a blessing not a CDS!

  • We all know High Times Cannabis Cup is the OG of cannabis events.

  • nice!!!!!!x)/