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The Q Life – Premium Green Dispensary Tour – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus.

The Q Life:

13490 Magnolia Ave, Corona, CA, 92870

Instagram: THEQ420


  • 10am-1am daily?! Dang, ya'll aren't messin' around. Cheers :)

  • This ugly bitch blows my high

  • She stinks for sure.?

  • Delivery only now

  • Damn she's fine!

  • I read that these places get robbed a lot  …

  • Hay weed maps that place is closed down, Riverside county got rid of all dispensaries. 

  • tht chick is nasty cant even brush her hair. I bet she don't even wash dirty hoe

  • all Legal dispensaries in the state of california are NPO's which means you are a licenced business and should pay your workers a monetary wage, this is a legit industry and forcing your people to "volunteer" is cheap and greedy.

  • Actually being from Riverside I can tell you that it is really difficult to find quality medicine (at least it's been for the last two months now) There are probably two clinics that I go to, and even then it's hit or miss. The concentrate game here is very subpar. Don't get me wrong when one of my dispensaries has good wax, it is great! But it will be gone like the wind the very next day. And this collective is like that as well, hit or miss. Lately it's been missing, but that is with a lot of collectives here. I'm surprised weedmaps actually took time to make this. 

  • Fuck

  • do 2am in santa ana. they have prime flowers