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The Lost Nugporn Files – Eden Caregivers 420 Party Check out some lost footage of Eden Caregivers in Downtown Los Angeles from their awesome 420 Party.


  • Use tongs or something… Gross

  • Big ass jars of shake haha big ass branches tiny ass nugs, horrible dispensary…

  • Why so much racism

  • Damn this is the only dispensary ive seen with weed that looks gross. everywhere else that Ive seen has had fire!


  • @KaitheAss haha no. And btw, devils lettuce is a fuckin great strain!

  • Weed is a terrible drug, i once had a friend who lost an eye after inhaling two marijuanas

    That shit is the devils lettuce i swear

  • no it doesn't.

  • NEVER buy from a collective that's run and operated by black people… they're more dangerous than the mexican drug cartels and only want to profit.

  • Something about your comment just makes me think your definitely not black

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  • just sooo fucking awful

  • All those nugs are tiny

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    Loool 35 for an eight aint no fcking top shelf lool you be smoking that boof

  • wtf is wrong with you people there just normal typical people getting medicated….. why so much hate….. if it were a top notch expensive looking place in the suburbs with white people running it, its ok right…..stfu and smoke on haters!!!!

  • jeez so many racist comments… This video makes feel bad. As a stoner I am ashamed.

  • this is a horrible representation of cannabis culture and you wonder why people still think off legalization of cannabis as a joke …

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  • girl at :48 is hot …i like to eat that chicken chow mein