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The History of Bubba Kush Get the real deal history of the Bubba strain from “Bubba” himself! This is no myth or urban legend! Straight from the horses mouth comes the confirmed tale!


  • wonder what part of Florida he is from

  • Smells like Skittles through tha bag. Straight classic Kush lemony pine flavor.

  • haha look how mad everyone is that this is the real bubba story…everyone wants their bubba story to be true lol

  • I dont know man, I remember being told that bubba kush came back from Afghanistan in seed form with a solider who smuggled the seeds back with him.

  • I mainly grow Bubba Kush!!!!!! Interesting Video

  • "All the other bullshit strains like Master Kush" …  That actually is a 1980's collected landrace from Afghanistan, if anything is bullshit here, it's that guy. lol

    Does he even know what Kush is? Hindu Kush is a region that connects Afghanistan and Pakistan well known for a black hash called Charas, a hand rubbed hash. That's what "Kush" is, and not some clones he made from some bag seed in the 90's lmfao ..
    I think we should take his bullshit story with a huge pinch of salt. Bubba Kush = BubbleGum x Kush , and nothing else ..

  • come to Athens ohio pre 98 bubba from O hi O players  B real puffed on mine at the gathering of the juggalos in O hi O its alive and well and I will take the pepsi chanllenge to prove it

  • to the guy that said Kush is in India, you are wrong its in between Pakistan and Afghanistan

  • holy crap another f up…..I challenge anyone to bring me a real bubba cut….dumbass its just northern lights you said it yourself…just more bs its easy to see the lies in your eyes…..

  • why is this so edited? Because its bullshit ricky and we both know it!

  • back then we called it kush?? this is more bs the more I watch it….take down the video or be deemed a liar…..

  • Any idea on the origins of the Blackberry Kush (Blueberry x Bubba kush)? The clone came from southern Cali many years ago.  I love it. I have not found another smoke that comes close to this pheno. 

    I know there is a newer version of Blackberry kush but this is not it, This is def Bubba not the afgahni or landrace version. 

  • i think he's full of shit based on the article that g fuckoes into more detail. there is a glaring fuck up in the article that kills the origin story by him. 

    as for jeremy robinson and his banana peels. he is full of shit by a huge reality.  yes, different growing medium/ferts can change flavor.  However adding banana peels isn't going to make your buds taste like banana's.  It's simply not possible in the finished product.

    do your homework and read the article to see that I''m telling the truth about his BS origin of Buba Kush. this dude reminds me of the dog men that know what to say, but fail to tell the truth when they say it.  outsiders don't have a clue they are talking lie's/BS.

    btw in the article his cali brother was said to give him NL hybrid seeds. nit straight NL of which there were more then one.  BTW I'm not talking about the NL name game that went on back then. ok enuff said. time to med up with real NL #5. ciao

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  • R.I.P. Bubba

  • I remember smoking a swisher of bubba at a pool party feeling like a Boss

  • no

  • og bubba was the best weed ive ever smoked and this weed called poison i will never forget smoking