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The High Hopes Farm Tour

Gil & Tang get a tour from James over at The High Hopes Farm. Enjoy!


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  • Man I wouldn't be taking shit about how he talks he knows how to grow thats for sure damn I want some but it's all good I got something sticky rite now

  • why is this not legal where i live ,i just want to add this herb to my extended garden. is that so much to ask

  • I had to rewind to make sure he said Oregon! There has to be a PAC 12 grow off haha. I love my ducks!

  • beutiful northewst nugs weed looks so awesome in its natual state and organic

  • @johnjirvin Yea its dank, Ive smoked that shit

  • @Losangelesweedsmoker Haha actually well grown outdoor is more potent than well grown indoor. Photons from the sun allow for certain terpines in the thc glands to come out that lumens from an HID can't produce. This is why outdoor marijuana has a stronger taste and has a longer lasting high. Looks aren't everything my friend.

  • there is A LOT of intelligent subject matter for people to learn when it comes to marijuana. But instead our society gets pumped full of goddamn Budweiser and Smirnoff commercials about partying,tits,sports,celebrities, and more fucking TITS.

    C'mon now..

  • wow….this is being grown outside? i'm on the wrong coast!

  • 20 years going? holy shit! looking at this, i cant believe my eyes, heaven is the only word i can think!

  • Love it

  • wow awesome plants

  • Forgot to mention, stick to Og's, and fresh strains. Peace- I would never pay more than $5 a gram for outdoor, no matter WHAT!

  • Outdoor… BLAH! Seriously folks, Bubbas, Og's and Skywalker Og… FIRE!!! Hash, Earwax! Yellow, shiny very soft and turns to oil instantly… my mouth is watering!

  • So heaven does really exist. 5 stars.

  • gorgeous plants. back in the harmony of nature is so nice.

  • Yet again another great video. But I keep trying to follow the bouncing ball, well until I figured out it was the mic.

  • those are clones dam there huge.

  • sick vid… R.I.P jack herer

  • beautiful plants. nice interview with an extremely experienced grower!