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The High Hopes Farm – The Lost Scenes – Outdoor Medical Marijuana Garden – Grab your favorite smoking device and herb (or dab!!), turn down the lights, sit back, and get ready to smoke one while viewing mostly unseen footage and still photography from The High Hope Farm in Southern Oregon. Cheers – Gil


  • Ачешуеть от у него сад. Ещё такие ёлки красивые, с волшебными липкими и ароматными шишками)))

  • It did not voluntarily shut down. Federal Law still condemns the production and consumption of all marijuana, and therefore, the farm was raided by federal agents and subsequently closed.

  • any one else get a slight boner seeing these pretty ladies,

  • whats the song? anyone know?

  • Why did it shut down?

  • He speaks mainly in capitals, what do you expect? Lol.

  • Outdoor weed is always the best!!!

  • is it that difficult to write than instead of then? English isn't even my mother tongue, I mean… wtf, man xD

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  • Exactly. Why would anyone thumb down this video? Don't watch if you disapprove.

  • awesome photograph…!u shud print them on shirts!

  • And folks used to throw seeds away. 😥

  • what song is this?

  • 16 people are out of their minds, Peace

  • This is like the Garden of Eden.

  • It actually is an aphrodisiac.

  • i was born in the wrong country…i demand my medicin!!!

  • This is just absolutely fantastic

  • i cried, beautiful fulll of fucken trichomes

  • yea this was the only weed available in southern oregon