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The High Hopes Farm – First Look At Harvest Time

A first peek into the High Hopes Farm at Harvest time! I had the chance to spend 2 full days shooting stills and video. There will be a lot more content from our friends at The High Hopes Farm coming soon.

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– Gil


  • dat facial hair montage :o

  • Who could possibly dislike this beautiful forest of green which the creator has put on the earth for our use?

  • Great video song

  • @outdoorgrowin oh ouch!! that hurt! AAAAAAHAHAHAHA


  • @xxxRENOTSxxx <———- THIS DUDE MUST BE HIGH!!!!!…….i mean who in the fuck puts that much money ,time & energy into growing shit weed ….REALLY??????

  • @xxxRENOTSxxx u are shit

  • @PleaseLookAtMyCock wow man, thats like straight from the mother herb herself

  • this weed looks like shit.

  • I want to move into that greenhouse :o

  • great video.

  • Really nice vid. Soothing music. Soothing scenery. The bounty of God's harvest.

  • heaven, let me live there

  • pennies a gram multiply non profit and add compassion equals 20$ for g.

  • Nice, how can i part of your co-op? mmm mmm looks good!

  • its so pure…why does it cause so much constroversy? give green a chance =)

  • Great video! Looking forward to smoking some of that!

  • Beautiful vid, and they say stoners are are non productive!!

  • god dam so amzing

    &fuckin Gil isnt in this video so I like it!