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The Grassroots Story and the 710 Cup – News May 16th, 2013 – Please like and comment this video if you enjoy the view and support Cannabis culture worldwide!

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  • The goy who sells the hats looks like a mixture between Keith lemon and the guy with the funny hair in benchwarmers´╗┐

  • use reasoning, not force to make a point. then maybe people will respect your doll obsession.

  • yea, but they are still well made. esp the hemp ones. the chinese know their hemp…

  • nice work detective…

  • hahaha good shit

  • these hats are made in china?

  • calling an obsession or fixation a hobby is called denial. calm down doll lady.

  • 1:26 just ordered that one today so stoked to the max about it

  • Sorry to put it out but hitman guy has the opiate/heroin voice. Guaranteed dude is junked out

  • that guy could be the american Keith lemon. wish he had the attitude to match. ­čśŤ

  • Where can I pick up one of these hats in the Los Angeles area?

  • yea man that's the growlife hat my buddy has one nice shit

  • The pacman hat comes out this weekend homie but only at the cup leftovers will be in the site after

  • Anyone know what hat the guy is wearing at 7:53?

  • Those hats are dope

  • / do you hate fatbols?

  • are those all fatbol hats?

  • Cant wait for the 710 cup…im wondering if vip tickets are enough to get free dab samples?..ill just buy some from these emails below,lol

  • Online's not gonna get you very far there, sweetie.