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The Dispensary Store – Santa Ana – WeedMapsTV visits The Dispensary Store in Santa Ana, CA!

The Dispensary Store – Santa Ana


  • volunteer my ass, this guy def gets paid under the table, or with weed´╗┐

  • anthony is a real D bag

  • These people are snakes, there weed sucks and is way over priced, plus

  • Awwyeeaah! my buddy Anthony! Chilliest dude you'll ever meet!


  • Wow i used to live like a block from there rite on 17st.


  • omfg the budtender has some of the same problems i have but im seventeen and my doctors may not belive me if i say the weed helps me.

  • @uhhhhkevin i see ur point

  • @Bridwell1993 im not not talking about that im talking about actual medical effect that patients do benefit from it,, i think cannabis shoud be legal too but i dont see it happing with our current Govt. maybe california has a chance but as a hole i dont think the drug war will end.. u have to realize their is medical purposes for smoking and saying ppl only smoke to get high is a HUGE understatment about medical marijuana

  • @uhhhhkevin im not arguing over such a pointless topic. im jus saying that people should smoke weed to improve their life, not because some doctor perscribed it. i feel that way about any drug. why should some pothead be allowed to get hi but people doing other drugs(mainly lsd and dmt and other psychedelics) are gettin busted year round. we should stop singling out weed, it is a hallucinogen, and so are lsd and dmt and there not bad for u either. jus end the war on drugs altogether

  • @Bridwell1993 wow bro dont be so ignorant people with multiple scleroses or Glaucoma? look it up its fucking medicine.. ppl get high with legal drugs like viacodine hydrocodine all prescriptions from a doctar

  • @uhhhhkevin a side affect? its the only effect. find me one person that smokes weed for a reason other than getting hi. next thing u know there gonna start saying meth is a medicine and a side affect is being hi. but the only reason people smoke meth is to get hi. weed is NOT a medicine

  • @CHEMDZ yea bro i have had the green crack, and it does not look like it is anything special, i was maybe a little dissapointed at the look…. but man does it really pack one hell of a punch. Its one of those highs were you talk and talk and talk

  • @Bridwell1993 because it is medicine just cause the side affect are being high doesnt mean ur not medicated

  • why does everyone call weed a medication??? ur making it seem like the only poeple that should smoke weed are people with problems. i have no medical problems and i smoke weed…. but when i do it i say im really high, not im medicated off my ass rite now

  • i met Anthony pretty chill dude.

  • fuck HIPPA smoke weed

  • couldn't have made the video 1 second longer?

  • Jeez Gil, get some new clothes. You wear the same thing every day lol