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The Daily Bake – Welcome to The Daily Bake is’s daily News and Entertainment show on everything cannabis related. Be sure to visit and stay smokey stoners!


  • Gil/Tang create: weedmaps
    Chubbs then creates: nuggetrymaps

    Chubbs creates: The Daily Dank
    Gill/Tang then create: The Daily Bake

    I see a correlation…hmmm i wonder why that is?

  • Thanks for providing this information, I will check that website out, thanks!

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  • PLEASE SMOKE ON THIS SHOW! hot chick hitting bong always helps

  • @JoeWiniecki because she looks ripped XD

  • Thanks will have to see how it turns out.? Gorgeous girl at least!

  • @KiwiKush right i guess nuggetry and weed maps is the real Weed Wars

  • @KiwiKush Yea but she is wayyyyy cuter than Chubbs 😉

  • @hamboney9 why?

  • 420 Dating (For the lonely stoner)

  • i guess tang and chubbs are trying to fued on ever level they can now

  • Goodbye Naomi Kyle hello Chloe Carson

  • pause at 1:30 lol

  • What the fuck is this shit?

  • nothing can beat nuggetry, u cant beat chubbs or the ccc420

  • Cutie

  • If this new acceptable face of Marijuana can pressure legalisationreform, then I'm all for it. If I don't get pinched for my drug of choice one day, it can only be a good thing right?

  • what has smoking weed become!!!! D:

  • looks shite, but she would hold it.

  • Sucks to say this but what the hell happened nugporn? BOO to what you have become…Boring

  • With that thumbnail i thought this was an ign video i was like holy shit ign is a bunch of stoners :0 then i saw it was nug porn