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“The Clipper Grinder” – (Product Review)


Check out The Clipper here – (

I’m SO stoked to finally get my hands on one of these Clipper grinders! I’ve never really been a fan of grinders, because i’ve always thought they just smashed bud… but it’s like the crew over at Lift, took all the bad things about your normal grinder, and made them right!!! 😛

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  • Ayy

  • I just found your YouTube while I was seshing and I think I just fell inlove ?❤️

  • Does anyone know where I can get that bong

  • This would be a proper review 6 months after you have used it. You stated you go through grinders every 6 months. To declare this Grinder the best that you have used is a little premature. Do another review in 6 months.

  • 65 dollars for grinder really.

  • Did you make this video on a full moon 'cause…….

  • SPACE CASE!!!! is the best grinder on the market!!! it's price is high but you get what you pay for

  • Took about 3 minutes to convince me this is the best grinder out there… Good job

  • where but tho

  • In the 6 months that you have received the grinder how do you still like it and do you still use it?

  • is their any cons to this I already bought it but I'm waiting on it to come in the mail it would be nice to know the cons to this grinder

  • the grinder page doens't link. Where are these available at?

  • I ordered a clipper grinder back in December and it still hasn't come in , should I be concerned

  • thankz lift innovations

  • anyone know where to get this thing?

  • I search for grinders(power tools) and this crap pops up.

  • Hi josh I was interested in buying this clippers grinder. I clicked on the link you provided but its says it no longer exists. Where else do you think I can purchase a clippers grinder. I checked out Amazon and all that pops up is literally clippers to shave ? 

  • you should do a product review on the "Homegrown cali crusher" !

  • Billy Goat Said Whaaaaaaaaaaaat….

  • The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that it uses blades, and blades dull over time. I know at one point you said you can sharpen them but realistically how the hell would you do about sharpening 1 inch cross-shaped blades lol?

    Note: Not in anyway trying to take away what looks to be an immaculate grinder