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The Clinic’s Organic Grow Listen in on some of the most advanced methods of organic gardening with Jay from The Clinic in Colorado.


  • jmw

    I called ahead of time to The Clinic get a price on an ounce, I was quoted one price and then when I showed up they charged me a different price. I voiced my frustration and then when I was walking out the guy I had talked to on the phone blocked the exit preventing me from leaving and proceeded to argue with me about what he had told me on the phone. He had his chest puffed up and was acting very alpha aggressive, all I wanted to do was leave but he was blocking the exit. The situation came very close to turning violent as I desperately wanted out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Also the most expensive dispensary in the Denver area.

  • Just had some of your golden goat buyer, and it was great 

  • God job Jay

  • idiot

  • i want that recipe for the mix

  • Probably he pronounces his name Gay but actually spelled Jay??

  • you don't grow dope you cook it on the stove

  • IF you start asking people on youtube what they think about it, you're probably doubting it yourself. Even smoking cigarettes in that age will harm you by decelerating body and brain growth. Weed will do so even more, especially with the unfiltered smoke. The psychological dependency also rises as a teenager. It won't kill you, but BE SURE that it does a lot of harm.

  • i started with 15..

  • i'm 14 and smoke alot, i'm afraid if i'm too young or something! 😛 what do you guys think?

  • He does…i listened over & over

  • Mendelian genetics at work….

  • from 0 to 10 how diffult is it to grow your own dope

  • i swear this fool said "im gay" 0:04

  • Eugenics on a phenotypic canabinoid level! Interesting…

  • sure it wasnt l.s.d ? give me sum o that shit.. 🙂

  • cannabis dosnt keep you high for 8 hours stupid fuck its all i mind game because its actually proven that the first hit of marijauna you take iz az high az your goin to get you just think your getn higher itz all a mind fuck dude

  • I remember my first high.. ;D (kreeper weed) "im gonna die!!!!! I cant breath trees are falling earths shaking!"

  • U ship bro? or is it "I'll sell if you live down the street from me"

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