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The Clinic: Trainwreck Gil reviews some Trainwreck with Jay from The Clinic in Denver, Co along with famous strain reviewer, WilliamBreathes. Also, you get to hear about the origins of the strain and how it got its name!


  • I never seen Gill not like a strain… I want to see those videos like B-Real he will tell you if its shit weed of not…yo Gill do you have any of those bids?

  • Why does that douche have a bandanna on his face? Does he think he looks cool?

  • jmw

    I called ahead of time to The Clinic get a price on an ounce, I was quoted one price and then when I showed up they charged me a different price. I voiced my frustration and then when I was walking out the guy I had talked to on the phone blocked the exit preventing me from leaving and proceeded to argue with me about what he had told me on the phone. He had his chest puffed up and was acting very alpha aggressive, all I wanted to do was leave but he was blocking the exit. The situation came very close to turning violent as I desperately wanted out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Also the most expensive dispensary in the Denver area.

  • this nigga on the right thinks hes in the cartel

  • No offense but the guy wearing the bandana around his face is giving weed a bad stigma… if he wants to hide his face you blur him out otherwise its ridiculous.. imagine seeing some bandana wearing guy tasting food on the food channel or wine.. its like wtf, is this bad, it must be because he looks like a criminal haha.. just saying..

  • Talk about the chronic trainwreck is some of the frostiest stickiest buds ever if you got a good cut of it and it's grown good nothing beats TR!

  • What song is in the background its dope

  • The highest I've ever been when I smoked just a blunt of this with a friend.

  • Really though. Do you think anybody cares?

  • thats fuckin retarded trainwreck has its name because the way it grows and and creeper potent high it gives you.

  • Man that looks like some really good sativa, sounds tasty too 🙂

  • I wonder if after the vid waz over they smoked all tht bud on the table??

  • PornNug

  • T-Wreck is definitely one of my favs. I live in california, bay area and we get a lot of dank but the trainwreck is superior overall.

  • I'm smoking some trainwreck right now. DANK!

  • cbn gives you that sedative feeling sucka!

  • @benjaminsydoryk Yea im not not an addict if thats what being a quitter is.

  • @stomp919 weed is a lot better now than back in the 70's bro.. atleast im sure you didnt have the connections fucking quitttter

  • @doranne1947 They might of been seized by customs, and my advice to you if you wanna start growing, just get on craigslist, search clones, and there are plenty of growers that are willing to sell clones for a fair price.

  • white lighters….? -__-