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The Clinic Strain Review: JackFlash Gil goes to Colorado and reviews herb from The Clinics in Denver. In this episode he reviews Jack Flash with Jay, and a surprise visit from WilliamBreathes who is the professional weed reviewer for The Westward!


  • couldnt they cross reference his body type with this video and figure him out by the mathematical proportions of the ratios of the various parts of his body?

  • Nice genetics!

  • what are the white lighter superstitions ? can you please tell me 😀

  • lol at 2:27

  • i have no sound so i can't hear what they are saying… but i bought a 3.4 gram 8th of jf on saturday, man that shit had me and my mates on our asses, definately an idica dominant, but sativa is also very strong in it, tastes like heaven, hits the chest like a bitch, over all, 9.5 / 10

  • what towns that in the back?

  • this strain is narcotic, definately indica dominant, the body high is really intense, also your eyes immediately swell with this stuff.

  • shouldn't it be called hererskunk?

  • Can I meet Jay cause I would love to take a crack at his knowlege in making these wonderful hash strains.

  • boom mic at 3:37 lol

  • @nugporn whats the white lighter superstition?

  • just nutted in my pants after closeup lol

  • jack flash sat on a candle stick cause….

    I love that haze spice, it makes me jittery before i actually smoke. just the smell of it.

  • @nugporn I think they'll know who he is when he's the only guy with a hat and bandana covering his face. "Oh it must be that reviewer that covers his face" lol.

  • @bud923 we clearly do not believe in the white lighter superstitions…!

  • @malpag3 thanks for the heads up on spelling and boom mic. The "grip" in question has been scolded accordingly.

  • this guy has my dream job!!!!!! he goes around the world smokein differnt strains and gettin paid to do it!!!!

  • @WilliamBreathes lol im in denver!! happy smokin

  • @TheChunkyPanda yes. yes I was. It was a long day of smoking herb… tough job.

  • HA the guy from westwor is torched