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The Clinic: Panama Punch Gil sits down with WilliamBreathes to sample some Panama Punch from The Clinic in Denver, Co!


  • " feeling pretty good , feeling pretty good " , more like , feeling pretty high feeling pretty high . lol 

  • Slightly Stoopid

  • WillBreathes works for the Westword, a newspaper with a site from Denver Colorado, with a blog called "Mile Highs and Lows"…not NugPorn, sorry

  • got this in my jar right now. Thanks clinic!

  • Thats a really nice bong will's smoking out of, is it a brand name?

  • I like WilliamBreathes alot. He has so much knowlege on Medical Marijuana. I hope you keep him on your channel. Because I follow his advice when it comes to the medication that is need for my condition. 

  • I wish your added some latin music for this strain instead. That bud sounds great.

  • from panama city ( PANAMA)

  • @soymilkduh Man just stfu. I tired of all these internet gangsters talking shit. Thats y i stopped talkn shit about Gil.. Gil actually seems ALRIGHT. He likes nice glass and I do too so….hey..I aint tryin to be a dick…

  • @soymilkduh Yeah I'm 12 years old and I could STILL outsmoke you, you pussy bitch. Just shut the fuck up. I dont wanna hear ur shit. "DGAF" about what you have to say! Adios! 

  • @TheRavi1 haha your like 12 huh? just reread that comment you just put:)

  • @nugporn I live in Long Beach. OK…fine…I take back what i said about you being sketchy! Just….i dunno. I do enjoy smokin a good full melt…

  • @TheRavi1 next time then?! since you must be somewhat local to me, maybe we could get together and smoke a few sometime. put this whole "sketchy" thing to rest hehehe… peace!

  • @nugporn The glass piece you were holdin lookd NICEEE. Dammit should of hit it…..I didnt tho cause I cant just be like "dude your sketchy" then be like "can I hit that?" hahaha…

  • @nugporn Dammit Gil…stop tryna make me feel like an idiot..oh..I already did that myself……errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………..

  • @nugporn I noticed the nice-ass piece you were holding….I was tempted but..I hit a Roor crown label! Highlight of my night. 

  • @TheRavi1 if i stared at you it was with a stoned smile hahaha…. i was VERY high all three days of Kush Expo! you should have come smoked with me, i had some nice glass and master bubba to share on the smoking balcony… 🙂 peace!

  • @soymilkduh I saw Gil in person today..and he gave me hella negative vibes! That fucker stared at me at the Kush Expo. Fucking bastard. stfu soymilk u dont even know me..sayn i have bad vibes! Fuck Gil…take a rip and stfu. 

  • @TheRavi1 you have such negative vibes. you have no right calling Gil "sketchy".haha you dont even know him

  • @Lantho650 Glad someone else agrees with me!!