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The Clinic: Cough Gil has some delicious Cough with Jay from The Clinic in Denver, Co along with well-known strain reviewer, WilliamBreathes! Also, Jay tells the most common story on how Cough got it’s name!


  • I don't believe there is a correlation between the strain Cough and any tendency to actually cough after enjoying it, and I don't believe it was named for such.

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  • this guys a tweaker

  • cough is suppose to make you cough because of the potency. If not grow right and cured right it smells musty one plant per 1000 makes cough make you cough rookies and taste better than any strain if done perfect

  • looks great guys!!!! Colorado-The Emerald Rectangle!!

  • 2:03 there is a hair on the bud

  • sounds like great stuff, lots of orange , oh and i must ask , what song is this ?

  • Very Cool! Would love to see some BOMBAY OG's featured and reviewed as well.
    Nice Work Brother Gil!!

  • Nice to see something else than the kush out there. Love the Kush, dont get me wrong but Haze x NL#5 is some damn potent medicine……i know most people dont have the patience but go for silver hazes and Haze x Nl#5, more potent than super silver haze.