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The Clinic- 2nd Annual Charity Golf Classic


  • @801TheOutlaw801 later, peace out

  • fuck ya heady!

  • @SneakyTarsier lol it seems u just keep copying everything i say so…ok

  • @801TheOutlaw801 HAHA. You bitch and moan more than my girl on her period. Judging from the long, whining comments you keep leaving me, it seems that YOU'RE the one who needs to smoke weed. Chill the fuck out and stop bitching.

  • @SneakyTarsier Dude quit cryin i have never ever heard of a stoner who cries and bitches as much as you and who is the one bitching again???? not me bro just pull that stick from your ass light it on fire and smoke some weed or dont but whatever you do QUIT CRYING 2 ME IM NOT YOUR MOMMY

  • @801TheOutlaw801 You're bitching still. You're lucky I still give one fuck to even reply to such a stupid comment.

  • @SneakyTarsier Just STFU everyone is crying about me commenting if u guys dont care i unsubbed then SHUT UP! I was just telling them how they could improve my god idk y everyone is SO fucking butthurt at me telling ppl how they could make it better i didnt comment on ur vid so stfu

  • @801TheOutlaw801 Both guys have their own lives, own channels, and own businesses. Like they give a fuck about your subscription.

  • bring tang back im tired of seeing this tool that is named gil

  • @801TheOutlaw801 Go subscribe to MMJDispensaryTours then thats them to

  • wow so many dislikes….The video is about a golf event…Not sure what some of you expected to see 😛

  • @ABSliceOFFICIAL i have delt with it i just wanted 2 let them know how they could get more people including myself to sub and watch

  • @801TheOutlaw801 Stop complaining. At least there enjoying the best thing in the world….Pot. be patient, they might get back together, they might not….Deal with it.

  • Wish I was there! I want that putter!

  • @801TheOutlaw801 U must be smoking mids getting angry

  • wow i wish my golf course would do this..and that glass putter is jokes…lol

  • cool video lots of haters is good X)

  • @mcrunchatize lol

  • Real stoners can handle their alcohol so an alcohol sponsor is no big de. And gil wearing flip flops is just something stupid to bitch about, not quite chill if yu can even wear some comfortable shoes

  • 0:26
    Beer Sponsor? Fuck that, where's the weed sponsor?