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The Clinic – 2012 Denver High Times Cannabis Cup Winner Spotlight Join Gil as he interviews winners of the 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver, Colorado.

Special musical thanks to:
Foster Care presents Funeral Kings mixtape by Jinx


  • jmw

    I called ahead of time to The Clinic get a price on an ounce, I was quoted one price and then when I showed up they charged me a different price. I voiced my frustration and then when I was walking out the guy I had talked to on the phone blocked the exit preventing me from leaving and proceeded to argue with me about what he had told me on the phone. He had his chest puffed up and was acting very alpha aggressive, all I wanted to do was leave but he was blocking the exit. The situation came very close to turning violent as I desperately wanted out. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE. Also the most expensive dispensary in the Denver area.

  • enjoy your eternity in Hell; I hear the weather is warm

  • Stop preaching bro, that shit keeps everyone away.

  • Clinic all day !! 303!!

  • i used to like redband until i figured out they believe God is a hoax. I can't stress it enough how important it is to believe. When i started to find Him, he gave me signs. Find yours people. He is REAL

  • i use the clinic and deal with the knuckleheads working their. most of the workers are so funny, they think they have a big time job and act all important. i get a kick out of listening to them and playing along with their silly jokes. but the skywalker og is not the real deal skywalker og. clinic has blueberry x mazar, not the real skywalker og cut from cali. pink house has that strain if your looking. peace out…

  • Wooh Colorado Wooh! The Clinic Yaaay! Best Dispensary in Colorado! Love the Grape God Buds Wooh got em Right here in Front of me! Wooh! Shout out to 303

  • 2:40 this asian kid is the reason reserve privada is doing so well. i dont know who he is but im assuming the azn is killing it.

  • Chemdog is like bigfoot it doesnt exist.

  • I've got something for all full100 smokers, remember puff, puff pass that s**t

    New anthem for the movement, what I need by super savage

  • The clinic is killing it on concentrates but I think chuck the lemon man at the verde has more potent strains, clinic is still my dogs though cant fuck with my boy Aaron and don

  • whats the song in the backround at the end?

  • gil is so fuckin flying

  • only real stoners fuck with the awards.. WEED GRAMMYS!!! SWAG

  • Yall so high

  • Tons of love for the Clinic and all that they fucking crush at….but I believe Top Shelf and Big D should have their own video as well!

  • The guy at the Reserva Privada Colorado booth at the cup told me the LA Con plant used in theses crosses was a reversed female LA Con… dude may not be the correct term:)

  • AMEN

  • totally sounded gil said won a whore

  • lets see some shots of the actual medication…