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The Clear Story

Follow the story of The Clear from 2012 to today as they fuse their knowledge of chemistry with their passion for the plant.

From their flagship product THE CLEAR to their liquid nitrogen dry sift rosin, Baroni, join the cannabis exploration.

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  • the clear is trash, the the rosin is great but cost like 80$+ a gram

  • if you are utilizing liquid nitrogen, you will not produce "dry sift", you will have kief.
    bubble hash method? hehe. i would love to here Marcus's view on your "bubble hash method".

  • Fuckin lobster butter


  • Great vids weedmaps. What's Gil doing nowadays?

  • Garbage

  • free samples here hahhaha

  • The clear is a distillate that some companies put in syringes?

  • I love how the Clear are a couple long hair goons that work in a lab while Periscoping… Who was that girl talking?! SHe has nothing to do with the clear. Chris Baroni is a scam

  • $60 for a half a gram is a rip off for your product.

  • The Clear has got to me. Multiple times lol

  • love the video, real professional. glad i subscribed

  • jaw dropping

  • The possibilityss are endlessssssss.

  • this video and the full spectrum video was awesome

  • I think this is the only channel that talks like an adult and doesn't say dank in the videos

  • Love the clear! Everything they have is soooo tasty and super strong! Reasonably priced also! Never seen it for more than 50 a g

  • want to work for the clear so bad.

  • I usually smoke shatter. I want to try this clear along with turpines.