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The Cannasseur Dispensary Tour Take a tour of The Cannasseur in Colorado! Home of the original Bubba and Kurple Fantasy!


  • Yeah I just got into the concentrates and learned a lot about not just the green but the many other things used to help like edibles and drops and so on. It is nice to have people who can help me if I have questions and be so filled with information. I feel so much better now and only had one other problem having heart palpitations recently but all together I feel like new.

  • I was with someone who had fibro. Used to have to rub her neck and hips all the time. Terrible way to have to live. If i were you, id go for some strong stuff. Hash or wax.

  • Still blazin, cauz ganja power's so amazin !

  • You know me oh so well I forgot that we hang out all the time so you know everything about me and how I feel. . . oh wait you don't. You are ignorant and have no clue how it feels to have the kind of pain I go through and it sure doesn't make me a bitch. I doubt you could handle half the stuff I deal with plus being forced pills down my throat just to "help". Why don't you learn a thing or two and stop acting like you know anything especially when it comes to people themselves.

  • You never sent my package scam

  • Still blazin

  • super bravo

  • go see your doctor and talk to him about it

  • how tf do i get a medical card!

  • this guy is smoking away his profits,stupid.

  • dispansarys always pushin they shit….yall know the best strains! the classics

  • makes me wanna move to colorado!!!!


  • ive had some Bubba x OG that shit was fiyre

  • living in a state that doesnt allow marijuana medically or for recreational uses, really makes me fucking jealous

  • taylor gang

  • songname at the beginning please ! 😀

  • Kurple Fantasy 2 looks delicious

  • i want Kurple Fantasy looks bomb as fuck one love !

  • wiz khalifa – still bazin