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Today i’m basically just breaking down a bong & all of it’s terms for those that are new to the cannabis community. Also cover pipes, bubblers, oil rigs, and heady glass! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Video pt.2 For more details. Extreme Details so the experienced and advanced users will learn something too. I learned a lot and I am no beginner.

  • im dying right now high af and listening to the video in .5 speed

  • what are the differences between honey buckets bangers and nails #dumbstruck

  • thanks Josh that helped me learn the difference between oil rigs and flower bongs. I got a piece before not knowing it was a oil rig and it really rips my lungs

  • Super educational for us beginners thanks so much josh! Love every video you do and I like every one! Much love from the UK! Keep it up! ??

  • Not new to smoking, but still love watching your videos! I always learn so much from you. Cheers

  • Hey Josh!
    what's up bro??
    Love your vids..
    Just out of curiosity, and me wanting a professional smoker's opinion.
    Which Bong is the best bong? , which Perc is the best perc? performance wise!
    like which bong would rip like a monster, and yet still deliver the smoothest hit you've ever know what I mean?? haha
    All while being at a reasonable price….
    I'm from TX man, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with prices but..Bongs are SUUUUPER expensive here.

    Example. a few months back I bought a piece from a local smoke shop. it was a double fritted disc perc attached to a double honeycomb ash catcher.
    I spent a total of $270…the bong is a beast, and it makes a BADASS rig. but cleaning it is such a damn chore!!!!!!
    I'm looking to buy a new piece. but i'm not sure if I want to break the bank again haha..
    I'm just wondering which bong provides the most bang for your buck?!?!
    and isn't such a bitch to clean.
    a response would be appreciated!!

    P.S. also just out of curiosity….Which kind of bong is your personal favorite, and why???

  • were can i buy this burning thing for your lighter?

  • unsheathes my trusty water bottle

  • 1:29 cheap polices? HE'S A COP!

  • Cheers!

  • fucking love this channel. I know a lot of all this but I watch it anyway when I'm stoned because I still feel like I'm learning?

  • I've had TAGs zobs and some other stuff, but my favorite 2 pieces are my rockstar hand crafted bowl, and my first bong. Which is a cheap China bong. Doesn't make me love it any less though.

  • even if im not interested in the subject, i watch to give you a view lol

  • There a link to the glass blower you were talking about?

  • Can you smoke a 2 gram bowl with customgrow420? that would be sooo awesomeeeeeeeee

  • 5:21 "muss lech cheaper" lmao

  • marbles arent connected to a piece; millies are marbles connected to a piece

  • So on your thought Josh . what size should a dab rig be ? some of my friends are all about big bongs and some are dihard tiny rig hitters . im impartial to a medium sized dabrig . What about you?

  • Have been smoking for 2 years and watched the whole video and it was still enjoyable I understand how glass works but you are the most entertaining weed channel