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The 710 Cup Powered by

Two-day cannabis expo featuring an outdoor medicating area; cultivation seminars and activism sessions, leaders of the medical marijuana movement, and major cannabis celebrities; an all-star awards ceremony; and an unforgettable pot party with surprise musical guests TBA.

When :
7/10 – 7/14

Denver, Co
– Grassroots Flagship Store (2209 Larimer st. Denver, Co)
– Exdo Event Center (1399 35th St, Denver, CO 80205)
– The Oriental Theatre (4335 W 44th Ave. Denver,CO 80212)

The 710 Cup (expo and late night parties) is for all adults ages 18+


  • It realy was a blast! did'nt know what to expect but damn!, walking down those rows of tents with Thousands of people all there for the Hash oil and hundreds smoking at any givin time?, All the free hits you could possibly was surreal to see this in Colorado. I now there was private security but blew my mind that in the two day's I was there I never saw one single police officer.( As it should be!)
    No way I'm missing this next year!

  • so annoying how this is taking up huge space for ads on weedmaps

  • Happy 7/10

  • im there find me at the curbside consentrats booth we gonna have that OG SQUARED in the wax division. peace

  • come to california 🙁

  • Vip baby

  • Just bought my ticket.

  • If i didnt have tickets for camp bisco I would be there fo sho

  • Man i wish i could go

  • Okay. 710 is the first oil cup ever. Completely unique. Especially because it will be summer time in legalized Colorado.

  • your username suggests that you have your funds in order, why you sweatin it mayne?

  • Can't wait.

  • People like you bitchin about too many new cups etc. need to stfu and be thankful. open your eyes and give thanks that youre free to have them.

  • Award winning movies
    Award winning cars
    …Award winning athletes

    Enjoy the errl, breh.

  • I totally like the people invent this stuff and grow plants. They are smart and determined. But when I see some of the guests who come there to have a smoke and how often they're just dumb kids who get stoned a lot it makes me feel like something isn't right with this and at least they should have more self control.

  • what part of the world is this in im a american in texas never had opp to dab? oils ,,,barley kush in dallas texas just grams 20 buks 8th 60 how do yall afford it

  • Concentrates made with any form of solvent is fully illegal in California.

  • I kinda wanna hit that guy in the face

  • Ou you yankees and your "there's too many cups now a days…". Come to Finland and I'll give you some perspective on this 😉