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THC Van Nuys – Premium Dispensary Tour – News Oct 16 2012 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

THC Van Nuys
16031 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, CA 91406
Mon – Sun 9am to 11pm

Take an inside look at the inner workings of this top notch dispensary. Learn why they are so compassionate as they present to you some of their finest medicine. Make sure to check out their WeedMaps listing for a complete list of all their medication, as well as current store hours and any specials they may have!


  • Someone please enlighten me about the donation thing

  • this place sucks ass

  • Look at her eyebrows – lmao

  • too late… -.-

  • If she would let me play with her titties Id be a regular customer. Hell Id be a regular customer anyway. LEGALIZE THAT SHIT YOU FUCKIN MORONS.

  • Haha that handshake

  • no shit

  • dont cry for him.. hes already dead..

  • imagine smokin n fuckin all of these sexy ass bud tenders at once????? BANANAS

  • place is legit and welcoming.

  • bitch shook her elbow lmao XD :47

  • i think im in love with her

  • i wouldn't mind if Frankie was my doctor LOL

  • oh yeah and she was kinda hot too 😉

  • I misspoke.

    I probably wasn't high that day.

    Hot chicks can sell buds too.

    I was kinda just sayin' that I would NEVER sacrifice bud quality for a hotter budtender, but I guess I said it in a dickish kinda way.

    if she was super hot then it might fuck me up in my decision-making of trying to pick which strain I want.

    The female budtender that helped me last time at RITE GREENS in Santa Ana was awesome and she knew her stuff as well.

  • Frankie, i wanna come say hello to you in person sometime soon. maybe get a bite to eat and roll a few Organic Raws with some of that Bomb OG

  • what do u use totake those color close up shots.

  • ok

  • thc bomb og looks like the SFV og… how bout bodhi's clusterfunk (chem dawg '91(skunk VA cut) X '88 G13/HP (ndnguy's male)

  • So you absolutely have to have a Cali ID to buy medical Mary?