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THC OVERDOSE?!? (2080mg THC Edible)


I thought i’d try something different, so I ingested 16, 130 mg THC pills (2080mg of THC)…for science of course! xD ENJOY!!

I should be back to normal daily uploads in no time!!!

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  • great vid!! great song! somebody know the name of the song please

  • eat and smoke make two different chemical, and highs, by the way 2000 mg = 2g ( just converted it from mg into g)

  • soo. almost a pound of THC is enough to kill me….hmm… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

  • it took so long likely because the pills were made with vegetable cellulose which takes longer to digest

  • song?

  • I think the problem was that you got them deep into your lungs…

  • 5,000 mg for 270K sub special? i think so

  • for the record, I've eaten 3.4 grams of the nastiest extracts imaginable. it's a dirty ride down…

  • Wow your figures are WAY off. It's not like you didn't state some real facts, but your math is off by miles. Also, batch-to-batch, not even the growers or distributors can accurately gauge potency estimates.

  • shut up and do it!

  • So informative. My brain is having informationgasm.

  • I love straight up Skippy peanut butter

  • do a video on if vegatarian's get higher than meat eaters..always wanted to know never has there been studies on it.

  • Maybe the THC in the capsules was not Activated properly so it did not give you the High!

  • 0:00 did he say "my name would be josh?"

  • Scientists killed a mouse with a pound of weed .. They droped it on the mouse and crushed it

  • I've never tried smoking cannabis, but I have tried edibles but not pills before and the effects of edibles last so freaking long in me lol if I eat one medical marijuana brownie, I still feel high the next day ._.

  • coby!!

  • next time try to drink caffeine along side or before edibles so u can stay up n feel effects for a while longer

  • Im a big fan of edibles to help me sleep, but it took me a long time to realize that its all about what you already have in your stomach. Especially! with pills. Acids in your stomach break down time release capsules differently from food products. I usually have a fairly empty stomach or at least have not eaten in a few hours. Along with a glass of orang juice or lemonade, I notice the effects WAY better once I discovered that little tip. Try two Korova black bars at 1000mg each, on a fairly empty stomach and you'll have another subscriber. (great video though)