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*Re-filmed & Re-uploaded, as I slightly mis-spoke on the topic*

This is a video i’ve been thinking about making for quite a while, but I overheard a discussion in the dispensary the other day that made me want to make this ASAP! Lets discuss cannabinoids! 😛

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  • Have it backwards bro. Thc converts to Thc a nit the other way around. Flower that test at 28 Thc will test at about 23 24 thca after its converted. N Thc is non psychoactive thca is completely backwards lol a

  • Pot is pot. Medically there different, but to a recreational user, they're basically all the same.

  • They sell 33% THC strains at a Dp here in Cali for $65 an 1/8th! i always wondered if it was worth it good thing i watched this video

  • so in theory buy 5 strains in small amounts and build a Texas salad. moke an fade?

  • So basically u want a strain close to 18% THC mixed with different type of cancabanoids?

  • thca*

  • synergistic effect

  • i´m adicted to nicotine but i love weed the problem is that weed is ilegal in my country

  • So damn accurate. Way to tell the world, Josh!

  • that guy has it right.The high depends on all the cannabinoids found in weed.THC and CBD are the central ones but not the only ones.You need proper balance between all the cannabinoids to have a nice high.Let's leave out all the other cannabinoids and focus on THC and CBD(although the other ones matter too).THC is the main psychoactive ingredient.CBD by itself isn't but when it works synergically with THC it alters the psychoactive effects of THC.THC by itself is a psychotic symptom inducing substance.CBD by itself is anti psychotic.Today's cannabis industry focuses mostly on THC,trying to lift the percentages as high as possible.The result is strains that cause extreme paranoia and psychotic symptos,probably leading to psychological or mental damage.Proper balance between THC and CBD is necessary,so that the CBD protects your brain from the destructive for your mental health properties THC has.That's why pure sativa strains,although not that strong as hybrid sativa dominant strains have a nicer and more mellow high.They keep you uplifted and clear headed,without inducing that mania effect many hybrid strains have.Because if you compare a landrace sativa with a really high thc sativa hybrid strain,the THC:CBD ratio is more balanced in the former.And that's only the tip of the iceberg because there are many other cannabinoids playing their role too

  • ass a past bud tender i used to explain this same principle. great channel..

  • trust me you do not want low thc cannabis it sucks.

  • Josh i love your inspiring messages at the end, Productive working stoners unite!!!

  • thats a dope shirt Josh ?

  • Loved it man. great stuff

  • Think this can't be stressed enough. The thing is people like me is that I research the medicine to get something that cares for my symptoms. I think you should put care into it. But that being said, even rec users should do as much research because they are putting it into their body. They should have some interest in what they put in their body.

  • dude this guy must be high if he thinks your cannabaniod system reacts the same to all thc levels

  • Watching your intro at .5 speed is beautiful

  • That shirt is killing meeeee

  • Graping Ape