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Thank You Sheldon Black! – (6 Arm Bubbler, Concentrator, Embur) – UPS dropped off a very special package today, so I set up a camera and made a quick video to show you what Sheldon Black sent me for the WeedMapsTV strain showcase set! Tang is going to be stoked when he sees this heh!!! Peace – Gil

High Times Med Can Cup –

Sheldon Black –

Embur Electronic Lighter –

Featuring Music by Ed King – Kush It 2 The Limit feat Antonio


  • Somebody has an embur up on ebay. The auction starts at $140 and the buy it now is $190.´╗┐

  • But that company uses really cheap thin glass´╗┐

  • wheres the videos on each peice…

  • fuck this guy. he literally gets paid to get high and recieve nice ass bubblers and shit

  • Giving you link on kushnik

  • Those nails look pretty damn high, that's how your domes break super fast


  • How much does the piece run for ?

  • YO guys check out my smoking vid
    got more vids coming out soon

  • pm sent

  • lol you almost lost that hole bag of gear they gave you


  • Too much diffusion is bad for oils?

  • awesome videos! Just subscribed..I would suggest getting the flower to a finer grade and use the heat alone to burn the bowl instead of stabbing the weed with it

  • why dont you like grinders?

  • What model is that bubbler you hit? I can't seem to find it.

  • Hey Gil do you know any retailers in OC that sells the Embur?

  • @jordanjmpmn i know lol

    im saying no stoner would buy it for 250$. thats 250$ i could use for weed.

    i thought herb iron was a rip off for a 100$ soldering iron. lol this is even worst.

  • @nugporn Hell yeah, bass guitar and marijuana go hand in hand!

  • @brunometer it's not that I necessarily want to… It's that they sent the parts to do it, so I am a bit compelled to at least give it a go! The Concentrator is clearly the superior oiler of the two pieces, no question.

    Heating the Embur and going to smoke a bowl of something nice in the 6arm bubbler right now. Cheers! Peace – Gil

  • Come on Gil, we both know you don't want to put a nail on and smoke oils through that 6 arm- it's too much diffusion. Plus, why would you when they sent you that nice concentrator? Keep the Embur hot and the flowers in the 6 arm sir. You know what's good.