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TetraLabs PureGold Take a close look at PureGold by Tetra Labs!


  • i came for real gold but even better than gold :)

  • Lol, I thought this was a video on actual Au.

  • This is the future

  • Loving this stuff .. XD

  • Sucks to live in a country where you cant enjoy this kind of stuff : /

  • I got pulled over with one of these and asked by a cop and it went untaken,it looked like a vitamin but hits like a god send.

  • get the glass globe, best way to hit wax from a vape pen.

  • THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!! If it were up to me id smoke only this best fuckin thing ever

  • how do you get them so cheap?

  • i get them for 25$(:

  • That's brand name for you.

  • They didn't refine limonene oil?

  • i bought pure gold when it was on trial or something. initially it was $20/.5 g like some average concentrate . not even a month later im seeing it at all clubs go for like $40/.5 g. thats $80 a gram. thats schedule 2 drug street prices and i live in the bay. fuck bitches

  • its a co2 or nitrogen concentrate

  • After not being a fan of these due to them costing $35 per cap, not working well on titanium nails, going to waste smoking them on buds, I finally have converted to a superfan to the point where I almost don't ever want or need any flowers or concentrates ever again. I simply emptied a PureGold ampule into a 1.2ml ecig clearomizer and vaporized this and blasted off to the mother fucking moon. Ho ly shit. Converted. No $35 Cap 8th will ever keep you this lit this long. Dollar for dollar best

  • Where can I buy this in colorado?

  • WUUUUT they can remove the dry mouth chemical… i need that shit

  • and that crap tastes like lidocaine and orange peels…………..not one thing like high end concentrates should taste.

  • you are entitled to your opinion, and i respect whatever that opinion may be. im simply just speakin from one patient to others about my personal experience with pure gold and my personal belief about the product. and yes 2 grams=jack squat. i smoke 1.5-2.5 of top shelf honey oil every day, and pure gold didnt phase me one bit. i even tried it the next day on a clean palate and…………………nothing.