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TetraLabs Pure Gold Showcase Take a close look at PureGold by Tetra Labs!


  • Bff monster pure thc forever last nom

  • These guys promoting weed as meds but they SMOKED it!!! Dang…. no wonder its still illegal. Just vape it or use it as tinctures or edibles, thats the way to go, not smoke it and buil a tar museum in your lungs.

  • I bought pure gold ONCE. Never again. Taste like mint and gave me the worst headache and I didn't even feel medicated. shits whack. 

  • i like gil not tang, too bad he is owner

  • hurry up and legalize this in MN.. i want some but not for the price id have to pay to get it here..

  • Not what I was looking for 😐

  • i want to punch his face

  • Pure Gold is sweet in every aspect expect for its taste. theres nothing sweet about it, its kinda citrusy at first until it begins to taste like plastic. potent yes. taste plastic.

  • Hey Gil, bro how can you take 4 dabs of the pure gold. You are insane man! I just took one felt like I was in a Jacuzzi that couldn't stop coughing!

  • Cutting a product w glycerin and selling it for 80+ bucks is for the birds. All those prefilled oil cartridges taste sweet too.

  • These things are awesome

  • just put it on top of plant matter- or go buy a rig

  • if you don't have a nail can you put it on a cigarette?

  • Gil where did you get that painting!?!?!?!


  • what is that thing Gil is smoking with?!?!

  • i really want that picture in the background:(

  • Just found half-g for 35 over here. Don't know where the fuck that dude saw them for 100?

  • 40.bucks here

  • Sativa or Indica?