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Terrapin Care Station: Triple Diesel Strain Review

Gil sits down with WilliamBreathes to review some very nice Triple Diesel capped at a price you wouldn’t believe!


  • facebook survey determined this is my strain. now where to obtain it in dallas tx.?

  • a simple half face mask would suffice! gotta be musty up unda thayer!

  • They needed to add more carbohydrates – and it was pulled about 4-6 days early.

  • 1/8th at TCS now a days is 17.50$. 

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  • Terrapin station is a Greatfuldead song you fucking parrot.

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  • i don't think he's afraid of the dea, i think he's a secret reviewer, doesn't want to be recognized in a dispensary.

  • I got 2 grams of Triple D for 10/gram. was that a good price? he also said he had sour bubble for 20/gram.

  • Terrapin station they got that name from the Greatfuldead what's up with all these stupid names there putting on the buds backi in my days it was only indica but when you see that they put stupid names on your medicine that doesn't look proffers

  • The guy behind the mask he's afraid of the DEA but Gil ain't you got balls Gil

  • why do I find other people smoking weed entertaining? haha

  • " I am ready to taste this guy"
    -William Breathes

    On a side note marijuana flowers are female.
    So its "Im ready to taste this bitch"

  • Never mind saw the video explaining why you remain anonymous. My mistake.

  • Looking like a TRAIN BANDIT doesn't particularly aid in legitimizing the movement brah.

  • why does he hide his face ?


  • is it hard to get a card so that i can buy from this place?

  • @numba1eclipse100 it's got nothing to do with being a pussy. He hides his face so he can review buds. If dispensaries knew what he looked like, they'd give him only the best of the batches instead of the common buds of the strain. He wants to review the overall strains, not just the best of the batches.