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Terrapin Care Station: MK Ultra Strain Review

Gil and WilliamBreathes get together and review some MK Ultra from Terrapin Care Station in Boulder, Colorado! Enjoy!


  • the smoke is fake via windows movie maker

  • I love the MK got a jar of it for after work awesome for when your sore and ache from lower backpain I have a real bad back I got all addicted from T3's been a ten year off and on pill war I have decided I want to live and not die from collon Cancer or liver failure. I have always smoked this plant but now you can get strains that are heavy indica with a higher cbd content which Mk is great for this reason I find it helps more than prescription garbage they pedal in every supermarket.

  • i think those dudes underestimated the mk lol. shit gets u high af!

  • Thats my place! I live across the street! Great deals and meds!!

  • sch wag city bud 

  • Just stahp.

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  • Question:
    What's the difference in genetics, between Master Kush and A.T.F. (aka MTF)?

  • Just picked up 10 grams of MK ultra

  • G13xOG Kush would be the genetics of this beautiful herb you all enjoyed 🙂

  • haha potheads

  • I love this reviews…!!
    Shit i have no weed in monment,im wating fort my babyes end….first one,Annapurna in about month!!

  • I am a member at terrapin and they actually have $20 eigths. This strain included 🙂

  • That…. Was a ginormous mega-rip gil. Kudos. As well as you Will.

  • G13 x OG

  • so uh, whose outta weed? :O I AM

  • t.h.seeds i think is the father of mk ultra correct me if im wrong!

  • MK-Ultra is one of my new fave Indicas. Straight up mind control CIA flowers. If your in Costa Mesa Cali and your legal hit up Tri County PCA their MK is off the chain.

  • @Dillonbo21c its called you can do it by ice cube

  • i swear i was about to jerk off to those nuggs in front of u. keep blazing guys and keep up the good work