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Terra Hollistic Medical Marijuana Dispensary Tour Take a virtual tour of the awesomely compassionate Terra Holistic in Garden Grove, CA!


  • dude that's freaking awesome how they let you have a free gram and a lighter the first time you come, while I'm over here feenin for a lighter lol

  • I like the idea of a free gram of top shelf for FTP. That's compassion 🙂

  • I like this video. Very informative.

  • 50 dollars a 8th is a joke

  • i know i wanted to go cop a half of it and just blazeeee

  • quit bitching

  • @uhhhhkevin
    Walmart is a corporation, pal..they don't care about their customers….

    I got a free pipe from a headshop once for trying their store.

  • @AGeekWithAShotgun what other bussness gives u free stuff the first time u come in? u go into a walmart for the first time do they give u a free candy? no

  • @uhhhhkevin

    by your logic a place selling bud for 500% normal price would be OK as long as it's good medicine…it needs to be economical and free bud when you sign up lets you try their medicine…

  • @AGeekWithAShotgun a dispenery shouldnt be judged by th free gift but by the meds

  • @uhhhhkevin
    They still compete for the best patient satisfaction. They need business to pay the workers, ect

  • @AGeekWithAShotgun its a non profit collective no bussiness here

  • @uhhhhkevin
    These is not just a pharmacy; it's a business competing for customer satisfaction

  • @swankrecords imo they shouldnt give u anything it should be like a pharmacy

  • @bottronicsinc right on man i need the best u got

  • oh man what kind of disease do you need to get medical weed?

  • From the looks this is my favorite one so far :O

  • Terra, the biggest mistake you have made is making the tiniest sign above the door…im curious as to why you didn't decide to make a massive sign on the open space above

  • how did anyone dislike this?

  • @TheEIements Blue Dream PLUS is bomb, check out our review on the MadMan OG Kush @ Terra Holistic on our channel – JAYDREADHEAD