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This is a topic that i’ve been thinking about for quite a while, I know everyone’s experiences are going to be different, but these are my tips and tricks & my past experience!! 😛

Effects of Adolescent Cannabis Use:


  • I'm 16 and my mother caught me smoking a joint. She replied with "That smells like some good shit"

  • I'm 16, and my mom caught me smoking a joint and she didn't mind. She was a hardcore pothead in high school and college so she didn't care at all. If my father found out, I'd be screwed.

  • I got 70's parents so I'm good

  • I got dat shirt

  • I'm 15 and I started smoking because of depression and my life was just terrible. I had C's and D's but I started smoking weed for almost 8 months now and my grades are all B's and A's and I'm no longer depressed. Personally I think it helped me alot.

  • if your going to do this atleast drink oils or foods

  • im 46 years old and i can tell you it prvents new learning at any age and will cause copd which is actually kind of serious

  • Lol I'm 15 I've been smoking since I was 12

  • I have ADD and in my state I can buy weed when I'm 18. The only Shitty thing is I want to enlist

  • Damn your tollerense must be high af I smoke dabs I'm a damn zombie lmao

  • I smoke with my dad and my mom doesn't care lol

  • So I turned 17 last month. So am I in the clear? Will I have any brain development problems?

  • the best way to smoke weed around your parents is to have them never find out. I've got it down to a science and I haven't been caught.

  • First time I smoked pot I walked home high and almost got lost lol. I walked in and my mom was on the couch, she asked me if I did anything, and I straight up told her I smoked pot, we had a talk before saying if I ever tried it that I would be honest, so I was honest and she asked if I liked it, I said yea I did. Ever since then she's been super cool about it, she even smokes today sometimes. I lucked out and got a really accepting mom. ;)

  • I smoked way earlier, probably about 13, but I officially started smoking weed when I was 16, is this bad?

  • My parents took me out of the will for smoking. It's really unfortunate they only want to focus on the downside and misconceptions about it even when it's had a positive impact on my life.

  • ummm so my mom is a rehabed drug user and I want to tell her but I don't want to stop and I don't want her to be disappointed in me so how do I tell her then?

  • What if your parents are cops?

  • Does weed effect any sports?

  • I started at late 13 and got caught when I was 14 and I have a lot of goals and want to go to med school and stuff and I just turned 15 and I'm worried I'm going to lose motivation because of it