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TARIK Rosin Press – (Product Review)


So today, I had this “Tarik Rosin Press” sent over to do a review on. I was honestly quite disappointed to see how it functioned/the overall quality of the product itself. I break down a basic pros & cons for the press & show it in use! 😛

Overall I give the Tarik a [3.8/7]

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  • anyone ever try using a George Foreman grill??

  • 200 dollars are you shitting me

  • …I thought rosin was supposed to be used on bows of string instruments…

  • def fire hazard

  • Savage

  • just buy monkey balls and let it sit…

  • smoking rosin without an 710 Life ENAIL you killing your TERPS! what temp is that nail at that you hit? you don't know because you don't have an enail that lets you dial a temp for low temp dabs!
    google 710 Life enail BEST PRICED RATED#1

  • go to a thrift store and get a hair straightener

  • is there anything to keep the plant matter out of the rosin? like something to put the flower in before you press it. or something you should do to the flower first?

  • you look like Stuart from mad tv. Look what I can do!

  • What do you do with your rosin chips?

  • It rocks that you're honest about your reviews, unlike some other herb youtubers.

  • Its 2016 and hes still not using a timer. Smh. 30-45 sec with a quartz like that

  • Btw it may sound weird but add more pressure like put it on the floor and Step on it with most you're weight you will see the difference

  • What about a waffle iron?

  • Hey Josh, what are the solvents used in other concentrate extractions, and how bad are they really for your body?

  • What if I put regular weed in there?

  • do you think the yield wasnt that good because the press doesnt retain heat well?

  • Put a ton of kief in it!!

  • The Tarik Rosin is a piece of shit that everyone mocks. OMG, you think that 340*f is too low a temp!? Damn, flower should be pressed at 240*f, lower if you have a good press. BTW, t-shirt presses suck for rosin.