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Tang’s Gauntlet

Tang finally comes through on the Gauntlet as promised! 5 bongs in a row! Snapped! Can you do five bongs in a row?!


  • Haha yeah go watch jolie olie cough his face off after every single hit.

  • nug for a hug!!!??!!!

  • wth waz that? don't smoke, inhale

  • baked city

  • alright, you dont even hold in your hits, not impressed whatsoever

  • what do u do with your resin?

  • I love weedmaps!!!

  • if theres anyone who can lead me to a similar or almost identical slide as the one on the last rip. I would highly appriciate it.

  • that was sickk
    i want the slide on the last peice ;(

  • I was thinking the same shit. Shout to Gil…get busy

  • was taking a shit and I stood up.

  • Dayum got some respect for tang 🙂 who cares if he hit like a bitch I bet most of you cunts bitching about his hits can barely rip a bong !

  • tom brady shit the bed at the superbowl lmao, not that prepared i guess

  • hit it like a bitch… coughed a lot… CHUBBS WON

  • the sov is the best piece of glass on the table

  • WOW! you start off good with Brand Nubian!, and then some candy ass lil wayne comes on!

  • "GOD BLESS" 2:12 lol

  • weak… butchered it

  • w/e u say kid

  • i did grow up. which is why i dont listen to wayne and taylor swift like you..