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Tang gets a gift…

This weekend, the WeedMaps team had a booth at the THC Expose in Los Angeles. This video was taken the first night after the show. I gave Tang a gift of glass in the form of a Sheldon Black bubbler.


  • ur awsome gil, great gift, i am SOOOO using that cooooockie crisp line lol. ron bergandy strain lol that still around in cali?

  • This guys got a nice piece and a nice place too!

  • dude that is one sick ass piece makes mine look small and boring

  • get yer hustle up playa!!!

  • for the bootcamp <3

  • 14mm not 12mm….LOL

  • I have the same piece!

  • This piece is amazing my bud-dy has the same kind, the only dif. is the perc he has is the13down… def. a taster's choice hitter nice gift…

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  • i found out that the bowl last longer if you dont break up the nugs juss drop a lil nug in there and it qont cash as fast

  • do you have to be a patient to own or work at a despensery?
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  • weeeeeeed!

  • thats actually a unreal piece!

  • Learn how to light the bowl gill

  • That piece is beyond sick