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“Tahoe OG” (Strain Review)


Tahoe OG is an OG Kush Phenotype that provides a very heavy sedating Indica high. It provides you with an all over body relaxation and a calm head buzz. Great for Appetite Stimulation, Stress, Insomnia, and Pain. Overall I give it a [6.1/7] Tastes like musky lemon pinesol and provides you with a great high!

I picked up this bud from the Cannabis Club Collective on 6th Ave in Downtown Tacoma, WA.


  • nice

  • FLAME ON!!!!

  • Hey bro sick video what kind of. Bong is that

  • Picked up some Tahoe OG from the Santa Cruz California Cannabis Cup this weekend! Was highly recommended (no pun intended) to me by the budtender. Lovin the potency.

  • In the middle of watching this I had a short whiff of skunky Tahoe og

  • I love your youtube vids!

  • Og is the absolute best

  • I'm smoking some Tahoe og in the chi-town

  • cool review…

  • Accidentally stumbled upon this video and you most definitely have one more subscription from me. Great way you review the strain man 

  • I got og kush in New Orleans 

  • Was probably all baked by the end of the video haha

  • Fresh in from Cali,heavy smoke bruh,zoning

  • Hey man, this is the first video of yours that I watch and you look like you know your stuff and get your hands on some good bud. Also, you got good taste for music, what tracks did you use in this video? esp those at 1:38 and 6:15. 

  • Dude, U Rock!

  • I just copped some xxx og shit is flame do a review to it 

  • Your fucking awesome man

  • definitely bubba 

  • Whats is the Second song nice!!!

  • With a OG strain you can expect very good indica effects.