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Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes

Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes

Glass Review: Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes Welcome back PNWCR  fans! Today we have a review of the Stoned Mason from Glass Lung Pipes. This is a water bong made from a quart sized mason jar and we REALLY wanted it to be something awesome! The Stoned Mason The body is a quart

Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration Water Review

Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration Water Review Thank you for joining us for the Cleanest Hits Smoke Filtration Water review. This product is supposed to reduce resin build-up by 35% and keep your bong cleaner while giving you a great tasting bong hit. This was one of the worst products we've ever

Product Review: BuckyKing Gravity Bong Bowl

Hello there PNW Fans! Thanks for joining us for another review here at PNW CannaReviews. Today we're taking a look at the BuckyKing, a gravity/waterfall bong bowl made from quality stainless steel. This thing is a blast from the past for me for sure!! I can't remember the last time I

Product Review: Waterpuff Portable Water Pipe

Hey there PNW readers! Summer is winding down and I'm excited to bring you one of the travel pieces we've tested this year. I bring you the Waterpuff, the "amazing, portable water pipe". This is a tiny little unit that screws onto any 20 ounce bottle and turns it into a bong.

Product Review: Roll-Uh-Bowl

Hey there PNW readers! It's almost summer time here in the Pacific NW and if you're like us then you are getting geared up to hit the forests and beaches to enjoy the next three months before the crappy weather rolls back in. One thing we look for is a nice

Utensil Review: Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes

Hello PNW followers! I hope everyone's day is going great! I'm here today to bring you the Icy Tokes Re-freezable Ice Cubes, the acrylic cubes that look like ice cubes that you can put in the freezer for smooth, chilled hits when using your water pipe or bong. The Reveal: When you open