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Taco Tuesday with Kris Markovich – Gil sits down and has a quick sesh with Chris from Living Extracts and Skater/Artist Kris Markovich when they came by to visit. They decided to turn on the cameras and dab on set.


  • Markovichhhh. what a fuckin legend

  • MORE TACO TUESDAYs! Whatup Kris! you're a legend bro, I'm looking into your art after this.

  • Need to turn down the music! Would be nice to actually hear the guys talking.

  • Hell yeah Markovich is a sick skater! Glad to see that Skaters recognize the strengths from Cannabis

  • Smokin' tacos is an extreme high,but doing to much makes u stupid,duh

  • can barely hear what they're saying over the shit music

  • Those tacos..

  • markovich is the man

  • This dude back in Foundation "Art Bars". big skating inspiration for me.


  • Yo quiero taco.  If this is what you call a taco, they need to bring that little dog back from the Taco Bell commercial, I bet he would turn flips for these tacos LOL

  • Thanks weedmaps for inspiring us every day. Good Tokes!

  • That art is super dope.

  • Marko was absolutely baked!! Haha! Won't be hurting today! Awesome.

  • I remember Markovich from the Element video they put out in the late 90s

  • Blind skateboards!! Loved watching Kris skate in the 90s

  • Kris Markovich is the man. Needs no introduction…Amazing person, skateboarder, artist and highly motivated pro cannabis role model. Cheers for having him on!

  • When you got the close-up of that taco my mouth began'a drip…

    Great times!
    Cheers everybody

  • nice scumbag homies gil

  • I used to rock Kris Markovich pro model shoes by DUFFS in middle school they were dope