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Taco Tuesday with Chris from Living Extracts – Chris from Living Extracts shows up early this week to sesh up a couple of hash tacos. Slab shells and sugary centers make for a really nice taco! Please give a thumbs up if you dig this upload and want to continue seeing regular WeedmapsTV content!


  • What's good,Gil?! I should for sure join you because I know cannabis is a great natural medicine and it causes fun,relaxation,and cures many ailments. Cannabis is safer than coffee,alcohol,and for sure tobacco. I once had a cold with a severe sore throat…..toked a doobie and EVERYTHING cleared up.

  • Im from the philippines and i have been watching your show while smoking everyday for the past 3yrs now,i dont care if the episode is old, as long as im smoking with the weedmaps episode hehe and i want to challenge you to bring me there and make someone from the otherside of the world very happy. Or you can just send me one your bongs instead w/ your autograph:) thank you and staylifted Gill and the awesome weedmaps,

  • whats going on Gill!

    My names Jay – I'm an active duty Marine and I'm a huge fan of this show. I am currently awaiting Medical Retirement/Separation from the United States Marine Corps – literally hoping that my last day in the Marine Corps is a week away.. My girlfriend is a huge stoner – which for me 'BLOWS' because I just get to sit there and watch! She uses the Weedmaps Service and loves it..

    I would love to jump on the show and smoke a bowl or 2 with you, if not for my 1st time 'AGAIN' but just because!! Having not smoked for almost 11 years – I cannot wait to get my card and toke up!

    I love watching Weedmaps TV videos and Munchies!! I loved weed and was a stoner back in high school and can't wait to see how much better cannabis has gotten since I last smoked!

    hope to hear from you!
    JAY BEE!

  • Weed maps is more than just cannabis to me, it's something has broughten myself and many others together. From the hundred of videos I've watched all the way bank when Tang was around to now I truly appreciate everything Gil and the crew of weed maps has done. It's shown strains all throughout the U.S and motivates be everyday about the wonderful herb put on the earth. I know only one person gets chosen to spend this amazing session with you but I would love to be the one and it would truly be a life remembering experience but understand there is only one… Keep up the good work Gil and weed maps…. One Love 

  • I think that being on the show would be a life changing event for me. I am a Army veteran who just graduated from college. If I was chosen I would move to California and do everything I could to get a job with Weedmaps Tv.

  • Hey gil. I have no good reason to give you that would make me a candidate on your show other than You would be really cool to toke with and i watch all your videos religiously.

  • Pretty simple I love weed. 

  • Also I am a rapper and all of our songs are hot. That's me keeping it 100 with the people of weedmaps. 

  • I'm the funniest person in the WORLD. Stuck in the WORST place in the world. 

  • Again it should be me. 

  • It should be me because I live literally across the country from California in the most redneck hick town ever. I'm only 18 but plan on moving to Cali one day with my beautiful girlfriend to start a family. LOOK THIS UP, THIS IS WHY I SHOULD WIN THIS. Bessemer City, NC. Thanks for your time. 

  • Spent a long time researching mechanical separation of gland heads and would love to sample some fine bubble with you.

  • Because i live in Orange County and I like to smoke marijuana

  • because i'm prop. 215 compliant. 18+ and i'm a cannabis enthusiast! I've been a California resident all my life so I've been smoking on all these popular strains and know what's up! Been a long time Weedmaps user and viewer! It would be beyond legendary to meet Gil and get to smoke at the Weedmaps HQ. Always stay stoney and have a wonderful day!

  • lol at all these comments of people explaining why they should be there… None of them sound convincing.

  • i would really appreciate the opportunity to come on location and do a review with you. i have been a MMJ connoisseur for years now and i have a very experienced palate when it comes to flowers and flavor profiles.  Weed is not my life but it has helped me in so many ways.  i am a new dabber and am very interested in the process of extracting and growing.. it is facinating to me.  I am a so-cal resident with a valid reccomendation.  i love the branding that weedmaps has done.. i use weedmaps all of the time… what else…? I am a business professional, a dad, a husband and i love to surf and be outside.. fuck.. i feel like im making a dating profile now.. im in if you want me. thanks!

  • I live in Florida and there is GOOD weed but it is hard to find. I think i am a good enough candidate because i appreciate the way the flower helps almost every aliment. I also think i am a connoisseur. i am also a marijuana activist in Florida and is trying everything i can to get this passed.

  • Hello I don't know a whole lot of cannabis but I would love to learn more about it different extracts different buds out there I try to educate people on how cannabis is good for a lot of things I think it's the best medication out there we will could never go wrong with the plant that God made right?

  • I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. I partake in the consumption of cannabis and cannabis extracts daily. Pick me I am a hard working, dedicated patient. 🙂 cheers to everyone and another great video