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Sweet And Sour Headband Marijuana Time Lapse Grow

http:www/ Take a look at this mesmerizing northern California time-lapse grow featuring the Sweet And Sour Headband strain!


  • 4:05 LOL

  • Tiny…


  • such a small crop. you can tell they didnt get proper nutrient uptake around wks 3-6 or else buds would be bigger

  • That was a good video

  • that was harvested in thos little pots?

  • beautiful

  • Omfg 4:06 X'D 

  • 3:45

  • Wow such beauty (>*0*<) i thought the 1 falling was going to die and it turned out to be the biggest and prettiest 

  • great video just wish it were in hd

  • 83,000 ppl either have no weed and are drooling over this, or theyre blazed as fuck getting into the mood of germinating some seeds themselves.

  • Great music choice for vid my friend

  • Here in michigan the headband I get is some fire stuff 100%

  • people want fuckin weed people will get fuckin weed i give the country 10 years tops before its legal :^)

  • and why is this plant illegal its just a plant what so 10 years from now are they going to ban sun flowers  

  • Funny I like flora nova and snow storm too good combo 

  • I would of planted in less soil to begin with… In the video, I  thought they were stretching too much in the beginning and would of added more soil to the base of the stem to support more root growth. Am I wrong?